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The One With The Gnome Bench

29 Mar

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One of my favorite things about The Mandible Claw thus far is the celebration of some of the weird minutia that comes with professional wrestling fandom. If the Family Feud asked its panel to name something associated with pro wrestling, I highly doubt the survey says “bad entrance theme lyrics.” Yet there’s enough material in that topic alone for Brandon and Danielle to do three hours worth of podcasting on it! So for my first contribution to this very site, I’ll be looking at the weird world of the WWE Shop (formerly the ShopZone…it’ll always be the ShopZone to me!). Continue reading


Revisiting National Pro Wrestling Day: The Anticipation of ACH

27 Mar
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I am currently on a plane, somewhere over central New York State. Continue reading

The Last Conversation We Should Ever Have About Chris Benoit

26 Mar

“I think Chris Benoit should be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame!”

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The Mandible Claw Podcast, Episode 4: 52 Variations of the Diamond Cutter

25 Mar
Dusty Rhodes? DDP? Christmas? It's like it was made for Chris Sims.

Dusty Rhodes? DDP? Christmas? Why, Chris Sims must be here!

After losing three hours of podcast material with Robert Newsome and Chris Sims, undaunted but exhausted, Danielle and Chris press on. This week, we talk about what we think are the best wrestling moves, why everyone should love the Young Bucks, and why Josie and the Pussycats is the best comic book movie ever.  For all of this and so, so much more, clackety click the link below!

The Mandible Claw Podcast, Episode 4: 52 Variations of the Diamond Cutter

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Revisiting King of Trios 2012: Team ROH vs. The Sendai Girls

22 Mar

The following is a snippet I wrote for the RSPW Awards. There wasn’t really a shot in the dark of this winning….anything, really, but if you ever wonder why I don’t write about King of Trios, but talk about it so incessantly, this should clear a few things up.

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5 Random and Extremely Disturbing Movies!

21 Mar

So, The Mandible Claw tries to stay on the family friendly side of things. For good reason, too! We want everyone of all types to be able to enjoy this site. The problem this presents is its hard to discuss topics that blur the line. Actually, today’s random five blows family friendly into oblivion with a Death Star-sized nuclear bomb. Enough with the delaying, lets talk disturbing movies!

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The Five Greatest Moments from NXT Season 4’s “How Well Do You Know Your Pro?”

20 Mar


Like most desk jockeys, I pass my downtime at work watching Youtube videos.  My watch history is full of baby animals, Jennifer Lawrence interviews, knitting tutorials, and of course, pro wrestling clips. Since I didn’t watch wrestling for a few years before crawling back in 2010, many wrestling clips on Youtube lack context for me, but in some cases, that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. And no clip in my history exemplifies that more than the WWE NXT Season 4 segment, “How Well Do You Know Your Pro?” Continue reading