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The Mandible Claw Podcast: Ladies Night Double Digest

28 May

girl talk

On this very special extended edition of the Mandible Claw Podcast, D O’Brien and Jessica Hudnall hang out for some super happy fun times wrestles talks, Twitter Q&As, and to watch Danielle almost get murdered by a devious and bird-sized june bug UPDATE JUST AS I TYPED JUNE BUG IT POPPED UP OUT OF NOWHERE I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS UP IT KNOWS AND IT’S TRYING TO KILL ME

The Mandible Claw Ladies Night Double Digest

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The Mandible Claw Chikara Conspiracy Thing, Episode 4: A Banana of a Different Colour

25 May

This week on the podcast, Robert and Danielle go back to the future, throw down some facts, and instead of reaching 88mph just talk about the best Supermarket Sweep strategies. Oh, and how Chikara as we know it may be destroyed, and sooner than we think. Click to listen…while you still can!

PLEASE NOTE: This podcast contains spoilers for the last three Chikara shows, Watchmen, and….maybe some other stuff. But very specifically the North Carolina, Georgia, and Chicago shows.

The Mandible Claw Chikara Conspiracy Thing, Episode 4: A Banana of a Different Colour

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Submitted For The Approval of the Chikara Conspiracy Theorists Society

23 May

While Robert Newsome and I are busy poring over events and promos and basically everything Chikara-related for the past year and a half, let’s go over some reader submissions.  We love you for sending these, and also not having us committed against our wills. Continue reading

Ophidian’s Top 5 Movies You Watch with Your Girlfriend

22 May


I’ve been out of the movie blogging game recently rehabbing my leg for a big match thats about to happen. If you didn’t know, on June 2nd live on iPPV, I’m killing Amasis like Michael Bay kills childhood memories. When I’m done that, I’m stuffing his corpse in a sarcophagus. That’s right. I’m rehabbing my bum knee to put a Pharaoh in a sarcophagus live on iPPV. It’s just another Sunday afternoon at the office for me. Now that I’m done training in 100 times the gravity of Earth, I’m taking a break to bring you this new list entitled “Top 5 Movies You Watch with Your Girlfriend.”  Continue reading

Chikara Time Theories: You Wanna Get Nuts? Okay, Let’s Get Nuts!

8 May


Brave soul, rad lady, and self-professed expert Jessica Hudnall has courageously stepped forward to put her name to the latest Chikara time-travel theories. Godspeed, little doodle. Continue reading

That Chikara Thing We Do, Episode 3: Nailz-ed It

7 May


This week on the podcast we don’t actually have a name for but keep posting anyways: Robert Newsome recaps events of the most recent show he attended in Porterdale, GA, Danielle got some first-hand confirmation from Delirious, and then the podcast quite literately falls apart at the mention of Nailz.


That Chikara Thing We Do, Episode 3: Nailz-ed It

Mandible Claw Podcastravaganza Day 5: When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade on a Podcast

3 May

Not the Mounties

The scheduled guest for today’s podcast couldn’t make it, so hey! Check these other fun podcasts out!

I guested on Tom Holzerman’s Wrestling Podcast: Tweetbag Edition. We talk dream wrestler karaoke duet partners, dinosaurs, and why Chikara is the best (because you needed to he me say that again).

On What a Maneuver!, I talked about January 27th, 1997 editions of Raw and Nitro with Joe and Eric (super rad dudes!). WCW is strange and confusing, and I talk about the Quebecers for basically ever.

I had a great time recording both of these, so give them a listen, show Tom, Eric, and Joe some love, and get that Kickstarter going for The Best of WCW’s Roadblock DVD.