The Mandible Claw Podcast, Episode 14: Jessica Fletcher, Angel of Death

28 Nov

jerry and jess


On this week’s show, find out what movies made Brandon and Danielle abandon wrestling talk briefly to get all cryfaced, their first independent wrestling show experiences, who the definitive best Golden Girl is, and why Jessica Fletcher is Danielle’s forever role model.

PS. We kinda just started podcasting mid-conversation, so remember that you’re all welcome in this podcast, and I love your faces. Especially yours. You know who you are.

The Mandible Claw Podcast, Episode 14: Jessica Fletcher, Angel of Death


3 Responses to “The Mandible Claw Podcast, Episode 14: Jessica Fletcher, Angel of Death”

  1. Pedro November 28, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    Brandon, you’re forgetting Bambi’s Mum and Mufasa in the list of saddest moments in film history. Both are sadder than Dumbo’s mother. The real problem I had with Dumbo were THOSE FUCKING CLOWNS making him the butt of the fire segment.

    Also, nice Mugabi the Cannibal references. And screw you for throwing shade at Tommy the Power Ranger. 11-year-old me wants a word outside.

  2. themosayat December 9, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    I’m a wrestling “mark”, and I’m proud. you shouldn’t feel ashamed about it, nor get angry or mad because of what others think of you.

    btw, I actually loved how things turned out with the A&8’s storyline. anderson becomes the top face after getting decieved and used by bully until he reached the boiling point. he’s really a tremendous talent that upped his game a lot lately! he’s become one of the highlights of the last few months in wrestling. and although magnus and MEM finishing them would’ve been more logical to you, it wouldn’t have had the same good performance and results as I think everything turned out. magnus is probably even turning heel now or whatever. magnus beating bully would’ve ALSO got shat on by us, probably.

    you know how people have different tastes. things you might not care about or absolutely despise can be others favourite thing! and things that are your only favourite stuff can be of no interest to others at all or frustrate them. you got to always understand that you can take what YOU like, and leave the rest for those others that like it. you say that you don’t want people to criticize you for loving someone like joseph park or not totally liking john cena, but you still critisize those who love magnus and hate dewey barnes. and I KNOOOOW being selfless is the hardest thing any human can be. I can’t even claim I am able to do so all the time! but I’m just asking you to PLEASE try as much as you can.

    I don’t think you measure the wrestler’s prime based on his age. many ones became the most interesting they’ve ever been late in their careers.

    personally, the 90% of bad stuff to you on IMPACT and only 10% good turns to be 80% good for me and like only 20% bad, and even the bad isn’t really so bad and it has some reasons and you see how people seem like they are trying.

    well, I wish the best for you, guys. I hope you enjoy these better. I shouldn’t be trying to change your opinions about them or whatever. you either love them yourself, or you don’t.

    btw, thanks for that relaxing and beautiful music in the middle of the podcast and at the end. thank you so much!

  3. David December 26, 2013 at 11:19 pm #

    During Christmas I ended up watching Christmas episodes of a bunch of old sitcoms and picked a couple episodes of WKRP because you got it stuck in my head and now I’m tempted to go back to the beginning and watch all of it.

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