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The Mandible Claw Chikara Minicast – MAX SMASHMASTER

6 Feb
Photo Credit: Mike Kalasnik

Photo Credit: Mike Kalasnik

Fresh from their exhausting trips to National Pro Wrestling Day, Robert and Danielle try to get a different perspective on the events of February 2nd by interviewing a man at the heart of the destructive Devastation Corporation, Max Smashmaster. It…does not go quite as planned.

The Mandible Claw Chikara Minicast – MAX SMASHMASTER

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Ashes to Ashes, Sabato to Quackenbush

4 Nov

As we all know, things have kicked into high gear in the world of Chikara conspiracies. People have been kidnapped, Wink has had an apparent change of heart, and Icarus is blonde again (yeah, I know). Earlier today I received a video. The how isn’t important, the why is unexplainable, but the what is yet another thread in the unraveling saga that is is death and apparent rebirth of Chikara.

Watch, share, speculate if you must, and watch yourselves. Someone else already is.

I’ve Got My F.I.S.T., I’ve Got My Plan, I’ve Got Survivalism

10 Jun

year zero

By now, readers of The Mandible Claw are well aware of how Chikara’s Anniversario iPPV ended last week. Condor Security swarmed the ring, ended the main event and on Wink’s orders, tore down the set itself: the entrance on stage, the curtain, barricades. Condor then started shouting at the audience and entering the crowd. When they got to the balcony, the security guards began barking “no pictures” and marched us all out of the Trocadero. When it really got surreal and exhilarating was when we all went down the stairs, only to see a barren lobby. Just 90 minutes earlier at intermission, the lobby had been full of t-shirts and DVDs and even Icarus’ skeevy “great x 10” photo for sale. Now those tables were completely empty. Continue reading

Aniversario: Never Compromise – Photos from the End of the World

4 Jun


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Condor Security Ends Aniversario: Never Compromise

3 Jun

Not even in the face of Armageddon…

The Mandible Claw Chikara Conspiracy Thing, Episode 4: A Banana of a Different Colour

25 May

This week on the podcast, Robert and Danielle go back to the future, throw down some facts, and instead of reaching 88mph just talk about the best Supermarket Sweep strategies. Oh, and how Chikara as we know it may be destroyed, and sooner than we think. Click to listen…while you still can!

PLEASE NOTE: This podcast contains spoilers for the last three Chikara shows, Watchmen, and….maybe some other stuff. But very specifically the North Carolina, Georgia, and Chicago shows.

The Mandible Claw Chikara Conspiracy Thing, Episode 4: A Banana of a Different Colour

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Submitted For The Approval of the Chikara Conspiracy Theorists Society

23 May

While Robert Newsome and I are busy poring over events and promos and basically everything Chikara-related for the past year and a half, let’s go over some reader submissions.  We love you for sending these, and also not having us committed against our wills. Continue reading