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I’ve Got My F.I.S.T., I’ve Got My Plan, I’ve Got Survivalism

10 Jun

year zero

By now, readers of The Mandible Claw are well aware of how Chikara’s Anniversario iPPV ended last week. Condor Security swarmed the ring, ended the main event and on Wink’s orders, tore down the set itself: the entrance on stage, the curtain, barricades. Condor then started shouting at the audience and entering the crowd. When they got to the balcony, the security guards began barking “no pictures” and marched us all out of the Trocadero. When it really got surreal and exhilarating was when we all went down the stairs, only to see a barren lobby. Just 90 minutes earlier at intermission, the lobby had been full of t-shirts and DVDs and even Icarus’ skeevy “great x 10” photo for sale. Now those tables were completely empty. Continue reading


The One With The Gnome Bench

29 Mar

mysterio backpack

One of my favorite things about The Mandible Claw thus far is the celebration of some of the weird minutia that comes with professional wrestling fandom. If the Family Feud asked its panel to name something associated with pro wrestling, I highly doubt the survey says “bad entrance theme lyrics.” Yet there’s enough material in that topic alone for Brandon and Danielle to do three hours worth of podcasting on it! So for my first contribution to this very site, I’ll be looking at the weird world of the WWE Shop (formerly the ShopZone…it’ll always be the ShopZone to me!). Continue reading