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The Five Greatest Moments from NXT Season 4’s “How Well Do You Know Your Pro?”

20 Mar


Like most desk jockeys, I pass my downtime at work watching Youtube videos.  My watch history is full of baby animals, Jennifer Lawrence interviews, knitting tutorials, and of course, pro wrestling clips. Since I didn’t watch wrestling for a few years before crawling back in 2010, many wrestling clips on Youtube lack context for me, but in some cases, that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. And no clip in my history exemplifies that more than the WWE NXT Season 4 segment, “How Well Do You Know Your Pro?” Continue reading


The WWE Wake

14 Mar

antonio cesaro

Many millions of people left Ireland in the 19th Century for the United States. Famine and economic turmoil made life difficult in Ireland, and Ireland experienced a different sort of population shift. Usually emigrants to the United States would come as entire families, with many generations all coming over together to make a new life for themselves. Instead, Ireland had great many emigrate alone or in much smaller groups of siblings.

Before leaving the emigrants would oftentimes have a wake done in their honor. This “American Wake” was done to celebrate and mourn the emigrant who was about to leave. While this person was not dead, they were leaving and likely never coming back. Mail and other forms of communication were either nonexistent or prohibitively expensive, and these wakes would be the last an emigrant would see many of their loved ones. Continue reading